Red Agate Bracelet and Dove Dot (A21 Campaign)

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Style Dots is supporting the A21 Campaign with the proceeds from the sale of our Red Agate Bracelet and Dove Dot.  A21's goal is to bring an end to slavery through awareness, intervention and aftercare.  They recently tweeted. "Sex trafficking, forced labor, involuntary servitude, bonded labor and child soldiers are the five main forms of human trafficking.  Our goal?  To abolish all of them for good.

  • Holds one Original Dot
  • Comes with a Dove Dot
  • Beads strung on stretch cord

Raves & Reviews

I love this!! And I love how Style Dots is making a difference with the giving fund!!
Have not received this yet, but blessed to be part of a company who gives back. Being interchangeable, changing out the center dot you can use for everything... RED is perfect, not too blinged up which I LOVE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE...